The following players were included in the 1981-82 season.
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Birch, Paul

Blair, Andrew

Blake, Noel

Bradley, Darren

Bremner, Des

Brown, Paul

Bullivant, Terry

Cowans, Gordon

Deacy, Eamon

Donovan, Terry

Dorigo, Anthony

Evans, Allan

Geddis, David

Gibson, Colin

Glover, Dean

Harrison, Michael

Heard, Pat

Hopkins, Robert

Hutchinson, Mark

Jones, Mark

Kendall, Mark

Kerr, Paul

Langford, Tim

Linton, Ivor

Mackenzie, Martin

McNaught, Ken

Mail, David

Morley, Tony

Mortimer, Dennis

Norton, David

Obi, Anthony

Ormsby, Brendan

Palin, Leigh

Poole, Kevin

Rees, Anthony

Rimmer, Jimmy

Rogers, Kevin

Shaw, Gary

Shelton, Gary

Spink, Nigel

Stirland, Gary

Swain, Kenny

Walker, Raymond

Walters, Mark

Williams, Gary

Withe, Peter

Young, William